Art Man

Has anyone ever laughed at a painting so hard they have peed themselves? Just wondering? And has anyone ever done that with there own painting? (Y’all are ego maniacs) LOLJK! IDK I have never done that either. None the less it was 4 o’clock in the morning one night, and I was laughing at a […]

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Color Palette

When choosing which paint to buy, once you get to a certain quality it plateaus and it all becomes the same. Tip: Try using a limited color palette, for example: use only part of the color wheel or use only the primaries on your palette. this way you’re not on auto pilot, you’re engaged, actively thinking […]

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Transparent Hues

Using transparent hues make oil paintings have a water color logic to them. Water colors are subtractive, leave the painting alone in order to keep some of the light of the paper showing. Oil painting is typically an additive processes where the lightest moments are added at the end. Anything that apposes conformity will set you apart […]

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Text painting explained

Mel Bochner use’s words in the english language and uncovers their roots and definitions, creating an informationally charged experience. The viewer is trying in desperation to ‘figure it out’ making a statement that when we uncover words meaning in some cases they mean nothing. He use’s the iteration ‘Blah” specifically for its meaninglessness. The viewer […]

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